Innovative Airbag Jeans for Motorcycle Safety

Mo’Cycle, a Swedish tech clothing company, has developed an innovative pair of jeans with embedded CO2 airbags designed to deploy whenever a rider is disconnected from a motorcycle while riding. This mitigates the risk of serious injury in case of a crash. The airbags are activated by a trigger belt worn by the rider and attached to the bike itself.

The Airbag is activated if you are physically removed from the motorcycle, it works like a ‘dead-man’s-switch’. Don’t worry, the Airbag won’t deploy if you forget to disconnect the tether when walking off the bike (it needs a force of approximately 40 kg / 88 lbs to activate).

The jeans come in black or blue in either a relaxed or regular fit. They can also be worn without airbags.

You can swap to different styles and keep the same Airbag, as the Airbag fits all Mo’cycle® Jeans. You can also get a black pair, a higher CE level, or why not a new wash that suits your wardrobe? In our world, innovation, design, and sustainability are important values. That’s why you can machine wash the Mo’cycle® Jeans by removing the Airbag.  Maybe they even become your favorite pair in your wardrobe? No problem, just remove the airbag when you go out! 

Founder Moses Shahrivar pitched the jeans on Draknästet (Dragons’ Den) in 2021, the Swedish version of Shark Tank, with impressive results. He also successfully raised funds through Indiegogo.

via Kraftfuttermischwerk