Morrisey’s Appearance As A Contestant On ‘Pop Quiz’ Gameshow In 1984 Alongside Kim Wilde & Alvin Stardust

Morrissey on Pop Quiz – Part I (1984)

Morrissey on Pop Quiz – Part II (1984)

In April, 1984, Morrissey appeared on an episode of the musical trivia gameshow Pop Quiz playing alongside teammates Kim Wilde and Alvin Stardust. The challenging team was made up of Thin Lizzy Founder Phil Lynott, Nick Beggs from KajaGooGoo and Derek Forbes from Simple Minds. Morrissey proved himself to be quite knowledgable about music and very good at the game but ultimately his team lost. He seemingly took the loss gracefully, but appeared quite disturbed when host Mike Read suggested he return for another episode. Later he said that he regretted the appearance altogether.

Pop Quiz was unbearable. I realized it was a terrible mistake the moment the cameras began to roll. … I just squirmed through the programme. I went back to my dressing room afterwards and virtually felt like breaking down, it had been so pointless. I felt I’d been gagged. – Dangerous Minds

Morrissey Face

That sounds about right.

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