Moon Pod, A Lightweight Ergonomic Beanbag That Forms Into Three Relaxing Zero Gravity Positions

Mother and Child on Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is a lightweight ergonomic beanbag that employs custom high-density beads that form to movement and creates a zero-gravity experience in three different comfortable, supportive positions that relax both body and the soul.

Moon Pod is a premium lightweight beanbag engineered to deliver a feeling of zero-gravity weightlessness in any position. It cradles your body into a rare static state, providing ultimate stress relief and all-day relaxation. …The outer shell is a soft and stretchy, yet restrictive membrane made of a specially-designed blend of fabrics. It allows the beads to actively adjust, but retain support, molding and actively adjusting to achieve ultimate comfort.

Entrepreneur John Fiorentino had raised over $1.2 Million dollars on a successful June 2018 Kickstarter campaign in order to bring the Moon Pod to market and began shipping in November of that year.

We’re so excited about the last week, and couldn’t be happier that some people already have received, and are enjoying their Moon Pod!

Sit on Moon Pod

Moon Pod Upward Support

Computer on Moon Pod

Guitar on Moon Pod

Video Games on Moon Pod

Mother Lifting Baby on Moon Pod

Moon Pod in Corner