Monkey Gives Herself a Bath in the Kitchen Sink In Preparation for Radio Interview

A little monkey named Squirt gives herself a bath in the kitchen sink in excited preparation for a radio interview with Sheena X. Sperience on LA Talk Radio. Both Squirt and her human Stacey Gunderson were promoting their current fundraising efforts for Animal Tracks, the exotic animal rescue organization where they both live.

We are passionate about saving wildlife and educating future generations. We currently house 30 different exotic animals and a multitude of reptiles that have come to us for many different reasons. We give them a forever home. We want to share them with anyone interested and inspire people to care for their animals and the environments in which they live. I see children practice compassion everyday when dealing with our ambassadors…Our campaign involves improvements for the animals. We currently need a perimeter fence. We need to repair an old barn and add a new reptile room. We need several new enclosures and a great deal of land grading. This would greatly add to the quality of life for the animals residing here. The land grading and perimeter fence would add 4 large exercise yards to our facility.

Squirt on LA Talk Radio

Squirt and Stacey

Squirt and Sheena's Team

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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