‘Mona’, A Functional Sculpture Made From 259 Recycled Computer Mice and the Bones of an Old Chair

Mona 1

Brazilian product designer Ana Carolina Lima Santos has created “Mona“, a functional sculpture made from 259 recycled computer mice glued onto the bones of an old chair. Santos described the project as a comment on consumer wastefulness.

WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR GARBAGE? Completion of course work result, the chair Mona is an ironic vision that cause you to reflect on the rampant use of electronic objects and what to do with them after they’ve been disposed.. Constructed with 259 recycled mice on a wooden structure. The intention is not to propose a permanent solution, but invite you to experience the feeling of “sitting on the problem,” seeing and feeling the heap of rubbish we throw away, showing that, while we do not see it, it is there and that there are possibilities to reuse it rather than leave it in a corner.

Mona Closeup Mouse Chair


images via Ana Carolina Lima Santos

via Recyclart