Australian Mom Creates Beautifully Intricate Braids for Her Daughter Every Morning Before School

Shelley Gifford of Pretty Little Braids, is a talented stylist in Melbourne, Australia who creates absolutely beautiful and intricate braids for her adorable daughter Grace every morning before school.

I braid Grace’s hair most days and take the photo of the style in the morning before Grace leaves for school. I only have approx 15-20 minutes on a school morning so if it can’t be done in this time I leave it for weekend. Grace is fantastic, I’ve been styling her hair since she was a toddler so she doesn’t know any different. It’s her quiet time for TV after she is ready for school so she is more than happy to sit there. I love doing something that I’m so passionate about and that Grace gets to be a part of it. She’s sweet, affectionate and beautiful little girl. Grace is everyone’s friend. …I love learning new styles, advancing my skills and challenging myself to create something new and unique