A Meditative Cover of ‘Misirlou’ on a Bespoke Mulatar Stringed Instrument

Rubi Mo captured Benjamin Bär of Lockruf Instruments & Music performing a slow, meditative cover of the traditional Middle Eastern song “Misirlou” on Mulatar, a bespoke original string instrument developed in 2011.

It is the result of friendship, the joy of making instruments, the insatiable urge to experiment and, last but not least, the love of handmade music. The Mulatar combines sounds and instruments from traditional areas and is a compact acoustic sound laboratory.

More Footage of Bär and Mo Performing on the Mulatar

Here’s How the First Mulatar Was Made in 2011

This is a video from 2011 when we made the first mulatar. The Mulatar is an innovation from Lockruf-Music.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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