Beautiful Mirror Cakes and Pastries That Gleam Like Glass With the Creative Use of Reflective Icing

Russian baker Ksenia Penkina makes absolutely beautiful mirror cakes and pastries that brightly gleam under the lights with the very creative use of reflective icing. In addition to her individual pieces, Penkina travels around the world to demonstrate her skills and give lessons to students who want to learn this technique. Online lessons are also available at three levels; Entry Level, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2, each of which is made to accommodate a busy person at home.

I will advise you on basic ingredients and tools, which are easy accessible in stores or online. I have made this video very much informative, but simple, so anyone are able to create magic in their home kitchen.

A post shared by Ksenia Penkina (@ksenia.penkina) on

A post shared by Ksenia Penkina (@ksenia.penkina) on

Penkina also shares photos from her students, like this beautiful blue mirror cake, on a separate page dedicated to their work.

via My Modern Met