Functional Miniature Power Tools

Modeler Enos Camare created highly detailed 3D printed dollhouse-size miniature power tools that work just like their real-life counterparts but on a much smaller basis. The first is a tiny Makita circular saw that was printed at 1:12 scale and the other a Makita Cordless Impact Driver, also at 1:12 scale.

In addition to tools, Camare has built a tiny, working vintage Coca-Cola machine.

A cooled cola bottle can be removed from the machine after inserting 10 cents, lowering the operating handle and opening the window in the middle of the machine to take out a fresh bottle from the rotating drum.

He also created a functional washing machine for his wife’s dollhouse.

1/12 scale, perfect for my wife’s dollhouse. It has two working modes (cleaning and draining)

via Boing Boing