Stunning Wood and Resin Rings That Feature Miniature Nature Scene Dioramas

Aurora Borealis Ring

The artisans at Secret Wood in Vancouver, BC craft absolutely stunning wood and resin rings that catch the light beautifully and show off the wonderful miniature scenes inside that capture the beauty of nature.

Every ring is completely handmade and unique to any other ring ever made. Each ring takes about four to five weeks to make (with an expedited option) and can be ordered online with sizing provided.

All our rings are handmade using fresh wood and jewelry resin. Every ring is unique and one of a kind – the same ring maker can not make the ring exactly the same as the previous one. …Please note -it takes 4-5 weeks to make your ring, so please plan accordingly. You can also speed up your order and we’ll make it in 2 weeks – simply choose “Speed up” option when you add to cart. We’ll send you a picture of your ring before we ship, to make sure you are 100% in love with your choice!

enchanted forest

Multiple Rings

deep sea geyser

delicate dark arctic forest

millettia laurentii forest with gold

original cypress forest

Rocky Lagoon