Why Millions of Pigeons Flock to New York City

Cheddar News took the streets to talk about how millions of pigeons specifically flock to New York City due to the very many places to perch. These birds, or so-called “rats with wings”, are offensive to some but beloved by others.

Pigeons and New Yorkers: it’s a relationship that dates back centuries, and, like most New York City relationships…it’s complicated. Some hate them while others can’t get enough of them. But who’s right?

As it turns out, the typical New York City pigeon is a rock dove brought over by French ships in the 17th Century. The birds were known as faithful navigators who could reliably deliver messages and did so for centuries. But on their own, pigeons prefer to view the world from above. This is why they are more prevalent in urban centers.

Why has the pigeon taken to New York and other cities around the world so easily while other animals tend to flee? The answer is the city itself. Tall buildings, ledges, statues, and bodeg overhangs. Pigeons more than a lot of other urban animals because they naturally are cliff dwellers, so they prefer rocks and ledges and concrete to trees. So even if there are trees, they prefer to walk around on the sidewalk.

They also spoke with local pigeon experts like Tina Piña Trachtenberg, Michael Scott of Pigeons on Broadway, and workers with Standard Pest Management to learn more about these winged city residents.