MIDTOYSOMMAR, A Creepy Mashup of the Toy Story 4 Trailer and the Trailer for ‘MidSommar’

Award-winning filmmaker Nelson Carvajal (previously) has created “MIDTOYSOMMAR” a brilliantly creepy mashup of two very different films. Carvajal used the visuals from the Toy Story 4 trailer and combined them with narration from the trailer for the folk horror film MidSommar. The result is disturbing indeed.

So, as many cinephiles can relate, I’ve been reading anything and everything about Midsommar in the days leading up to its nearing release date. It turns out, many of the Midsommar reviews reveal it to be a breakup film (much like my interpretation of Toy Story 4). Then I started to consider the festival backdrops for both films (a carnival in Toy Story 4 and a summer solstice fest in Midsommar) and before you know it this mashup happened. Suffice it to say, I had a lot of fun putting this one together.