Michael Stevens Talks With Sir David Attenborough About Storytelling, Animals and Technology

Popular Vsauce host Michael Stevens had the wonderfully rare opportunity to sit down with Sir David Attenborough to talk about his amazing storytelling style, the striking similarities between the way animals and humans communicate and how technology has enhanced the study of animals in their natural environment, as shown in the long-awaited sequel series Planet Earth II.

I think we have a very fortunate time living a very fortunate – technology that can enable us to do things and we want to use it with some sense of responsibility for the next generation. And it is absolutely the case that animal species are disappearing and it’s quite possible that things that I filmed 20 years ago in 30 years time will not exist.

Planet Earth II will be shown on BBC One on Sunday, November 13, 2016 and on BBC America beginning January 28, 2017.