Merry Christmas Krampus, A Unique Children’s Holiday Book Told Through Beautifully Staged Photographs

A group of professional designers and puppeteers for Disney Animation, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Nickelodeon, Disney Imagineering and The Muppets Studio have pooled their talents to create “Merry Christmas, Krampus”, a unique children’s holiday book that tells the story through staged still photograph of handcrafted puppets and elaborate sets. The story itself features “Santa’s horned counterpart” Krampus who spends the year preparing coal and twigs for misbehaving children, but an encounter with a very spoiled little boy teaches Krampus that there is a little bit of good in everyone.

Merry Christmas, Krampus is an independently published children’s book that tells the story of legendary Christmastime creature Krampus and how one child from Santa’s Naughty List teaches him that all “bad” children have some good in them.

The group, which includes Artie Esposito, Andrea Coleman, Sean Johnson and Patrick Johnson, is raising money through Kickstarter in order to fund the necessary resources needed to create this book.

Every environment, character, chair and cup will need to be created by hand. We’ll need to construct a wide range of model sets, including Santa’s workshop, Randy’s house and Krampus’ cave. In addition, we will be hiring a professional lighting designer and photographer to capture the images that will appear in the finished book.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips