MegaPortraits, AI Neural Technology That Creates Megapixel Deepfake Avatars From a Single Image

A team of researchers with Samsung AI Center in Moscow, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and Yandex Armenia have built MegaPortraits, an incredibly realistic neural AI platform that can create high-resolution deepfaked megapixel avatars from a single portrait image. This technology can be applied to modern images or classic art and does not require similarity between images.

….we advance the neural head avatar technology to the megapixel resolution while focusing on the particularly challenging task of cross-driving synthesis, i.e., when the appearance of the driving image is substantially different from the animated source image.


This project was inspired by Nerfies, a visual effects company for mobile phones.

We present the first method capable of photorealistically reconstructing a non-rigidly deforming scene using photos/videos captured casually from mobile phones.