Cosplaying Father Builds a Brilliant MechWarrior Costume That Requires an Adult and Child to Operate

MechWarrior Costume

A very creative father (and uncle) who goes by the name Griddlock Cosplay built an absolutely brilliant Mechwarrior costume that requires both a child and an adult in order to make it work. There is a fully functioning fan and Arduino controlled LED lights to make the costume more realistic. The front of the costume has a hinged doorway that lets a kid enter and sit at the controls, while the rest of the costume goes to the grownup.

I built this costume for the Edmonton Comic Expo 2018, but also because I have kids, nieces, and nephews, and a costume like this scores mega points, doesn’t it?

Mechwarrior Daddy Daughter Costume

Griddlock spent a good amount of time imagining, drawing and implementing his design for the Edmonton Expo 2018.