Matt Harding Dances With People Around the World

In November 2015, the dancing Matt Harding of “Where the Heck is Matt” raised funds through Kickstarter in order to fund a trip “to show the world is safer and friendlier than it seems”. Harding also let supporters vote where he would go, the results of which are seen in his newest video. Music was provided by Anthony Briscoe of Down North and Saakumu Dance Troupe of Dagara Music Center and is available through his store. A big part of Harding’s project is learning from and caring about people, traits that are sorely missing in these times.

In a few days, when this is all over, can we have a big conversation about empathy, what it means, why it’s important, and how to tell when someone is incapable of feeling it? Can we also talk about how those folks don’t make very good leaders and how we can make sure this never ever happens again? Okay, thanks.