‘Where the Heck Is Matt?’, A Fundraising Project That Lets Users Decide Where Matt Harding Goes

The dancing Matt Harding of “Where the Hell is Matt” fame has created a new project called “Where the Heck is Matt?“. The project is two-fold, the first part involves users submitting a dancing video to cast votes as to where Harding should travel next.

  • Hold a sign with your location written on it.
  • Keep your video it under 20 seconds long.
  • Use #dancewithmatt in the upload details.
  • Don’t include copyrighted music that will cause the video to be taken down.

The second part of the project is fundraising. Harding is seeking to raise $125,000 through Kickstarter to pay for the travel expenses to wherever he is going per the dancing video tally.

Where the Heck is Matt