Master Designers Create an Imaginative Doghouse for a Super-Fan of Pixar’s ‘Up’ at the Request of His Best Friend

On a recent episode of Super-Fan Builds (previously), designer and master builder Tim Baker and his team at Tim Baker Creations granted viewer Esteban Gomez’s wish to build a doghouse in the style of the house from the imaginative Pixar film Up for his super-fan best friend Steve Minty and his faithful dog Dug. The team focused on making the house look like it was becoming aloft through the force of many colorful balloons.

The house is pretty much made of wood. The balloons are all fiberglass and they keep it pretty lightweight make the house the latest flooding we made a steel frame that raises it up just a few inches off the ground, not so much that the dog can’t get in but it gives an illusion. We tried to pay really close attention to detail and reproduce this as close as possible. We used almost 3,000 shingles on the roof, the siding – everything was cut, measured and done by hand. All the colors are matched as close as we can get them. We’ve got a hand carved brass weathervane. The shrubbery and the grass and everything, we tried to get it is about the same volume as it is in the film.