Marnie the Dog Goes Shopping with Her Human at the Local Drugstore

Marnie the Dog recently went shopping with her human at the local Duane Reade drugstore, perusing her way through the aisles, getting underfoot, sitting on shelves and looking oddly cute for the camera.

Marnie is an older Shih Tzu who had a number of unaddressed health issues before she was rescued by her human Shirley. The most obvious of Marnie’s issues are her hanging tongue and her head tilt. But it’s that tongue and that tilt that’s made Marnie an Instagram celebrity.

The reality is Marnie just has a long tongue, and has always had a long tongue, and its awesome, and she licks it every few minutes to keep it from getting too dry, and when it’s snowing she puts her tongue back in. Marnie’s eyes are the window to her soul, but much can be gleaned from the status of her tongue…Many people have asked about Marnie’s head tilt and her leaning towards the left— Fortunately, it is nothing to be too concerned about. According to a highly trusted veterinarian, it is the residual effect of a brief illness called Vestibular Syndrome, which she most likely had at some point before being adopted.

Earlier in July, Marnie had gone on a shopping trip to Uniqlo for the latest fashions.

Always Marnie

photo via Marnie the Dog

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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