Mark Hamill Is Presented With His Old Lightsaber

During an interview with Flexbox, the great Mark Hamill was presented with his old lightsaber from the third Star Wars film Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. At first, Hamill thought it was a replica, but the host let him know that it was the original. The host also explained who had it before him and how it worked.

It’s not a replica, this is the actual prop. This is yours from the third film……it was actually the same prop was used by Alec Guinness in the first movie as his special effects lightsaber. So you see how the the emitter actually spins and there was a motor in the handle here and as I understand it the blades were coated with a reflective material.

Hamill responded in kind.

It was movie screen material right because that reflects the Life Source back at hundreds of times the intensity.

Mark Hamill Lightsaber