Compassionate Man Enlists Help to Remove Fishing Line Wrapped Around a Blue Heron’s Beak

removing fishline

While passing by the Aquarium of the Pacific, a compassionate man named Marco Magallona spotted a beautiful blue heron cowering in the bushes. Upon closer inspection, Magallona notice the bird’s beak was closed shut by a tangle of fishing line. Concerned about the bird’s safety, Magallona made several unsuccessful approaches, without any success, so he recruited several employees from the aquarium who managed to catch the bird. Working with a towel over the heron’s head to help calm him down, a determined employee cut away at the tangled fish line for a while until it finally broke loose. The newly freed bird jumped away from the humans, but wasn’t quite ready for flight. As it turns out, the employees had seen the bird before.

eventually, I managed to convince some of the employees from the Aquarium of the Pacific to assist me with trying to restrain it so that we could attempt to safely extricate the heron from its predicament. I later found out from them that the heron had been spotted three days prior, in the same predicament, but that it flew away from the aquarium employees who were trying to help it.

Heron fishline tangled

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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