A Generous Man Happily Feeds a Group of 17 Hungry Raccoons Gathered on His Back Porch in Nova Scotia

James Blackwood, a wonderfully self-described “Raccoon Whisperer” and retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) constable, hauled out a giant bucket of frankfurters and gleefully distributed them to the hungry group of 17 raccoons that had gathered on his back porch in Nova Scotia, Canada over the course of a single night. The raccoons voraciously gobbled up their hot dog and politely lined up for another. Later on, Blackwood tossed out some Cheerios for the raccoons to eat in their own time.

…raccoons that have mostly have been orphans and raised and soft released back to the forest. They leave in the fall and in the spring seek out new territories to start new families. They are not totally depended on me for food, they do still eat in the wild

Sadly, one raccoon who was a regular visitor passed away that day from old age.

18 June 2020 We lost one of the raccoons the one I nicknamed the Old Fella found dead at my neighbors across the road. He just laid down and died but was with me about a year and a half.

Blackwood has been feeding raccoons for over 20 years. This feeding project was first started by Blackwood’s late wife. When she passed in 2003, Blackwood made good on his promise to her to continue her work feeding the raccoons and taking care of their two adopted indoor cats. Most of the raccoons that Blackwood feeds are orphans. He does his part to ensure their survival until they are ready to return to the woods.

I live in a forested area few neighbors and they don’t bother anyone else. This was my wife’s project and she died in 2003 of Cancer and begged me on her death bed to take care of her raccoons and cats and her mother. I honored her wishes and took care of the cats and her mother for the next ten years. I have two rescue cats that live here Connor and Charlotte but they stay in doors

The raccoons are also quite fond of peanut butter sandwiches.

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