Worried Mama Cat Brings Her Dying Kittens to an Animal Rescue Center Where Their Lives Were Saved

A worried stray mama cat brought her two dying kittens to the people she recognized as helpers in hopes of saving them. These people, who work at the Animals Cottage Rescue Center in Lahore, Pakistan, took the kittens from the anxious mother and immediately tended to them. The mother cat so appreciated the help that she also brought the remaining two kittens, both of whom were healthy, to the rescue center as well.

Today, we found this mama cat carrying her kitten in mouth and running towards us! We checked her kitten and found out that his body was cold. We sent him to clinic for urgent treatment. Meanwhile, the cat went away and brought another kitten. Luckily, this kitten’s health was fine. ..we spotted her again. She led us to another kitten who was also sick. We sent this kitten to clinic. Later, the cat brought her fourth kitten.

The kittens, who were suffering from dehydration and hypoglycemia, were shortly on the mend, and the whole family was given a safe, warm temporary home until a forever home became available.

Finally, they were rescued and brought home, with all kittens fine after treatment.

via Miss Cellania

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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