Seven Creative Makers Bid a Fitting Farewell to 2020

Seven rather audacious makers saw it quite fitting to bid the seemingly interminable year of 2020 a rather memorable goodbye. These not so fond farewells include a burning 3D printed 2020 candle by Becky Stern, an exploding flame board by Ian Charnas, an unraveling 2020 face mask by Natasha (TechnoChic), a spit-roasted effigy of 2020 made from cheese by Hannah Makes, an Internet Controlled 2020 Smusher by 8 Bits and a Byte, and a robotic food chopper by Make It and Fake It. Needless to say, each maker found a very creative way to extinguish this dumpster fire of a year forever.

Seven intrepid makers set out to bid farewell to 2020 by destroying some small part of it. Expect pyrotechnics, a candle made from a 3D printed mold, more than one robot, and grilled cheese.

Each project build is part of a “Bye Bye 2020” playlist on YouTube.

Goodbye 2020 Maker Style

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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