MakerBot Co-Founder Bre Pettis Launches Bre & Co., Personalized Gifts With a Positive Message


Bre Pettis, a former educator and co-founder/former CEO of MakerBot, announced today that he has launchedBre & Co. a new company that offers an array of hand crafted, iterative “heirloom-quality” gifts that each carry a positive message to the recipient. According to Pettis, this idea started as a personal project that was fostered by his father.

The company started as a project. I wanted to make some friends gifts that would be like a gold-medal for friendship. In working on this project, I was filled with gratitude for my friends who stuck by me and have been awesome listeners, collaborators, and just generally excellent human beings. … On a walk in the woods with my dad, he suggested that it would be a service to the world to make these gifts available for others to give to the people they care for. Recognizing merit in the world is a powerful act. …With the goal to make things that either mark an achievement or gifts that you can keep on your person as a talisman, everything we make has the intention to be a reminder of care, friendship, pride, and love. All my tests have show that recognizing the values and excellence in others has a powerful effect and sends positive ripples into the world.






Celebrating the launch of Bre & Co.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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