A Handy Subscription-Based Hand Sanitizer Dispenser That Magnetically Attaches to MagSafe iPhones

Matt Benedetto of the hilarious self-explanatory parody products site Unnecessary Inventions (previously) has very cleverly conceived the very handy “MagSanitize Pro”, a rather relevant, albeit faux, hand sanitizer dispenser that seamlessly attaches to the back of MagSafe iPhones. This pairing allows the user to frequently sanitize their hands while “on a call…browsing the web…investing in Game Stop”.


The sanitizer refills are available by subscription for just $44.69 per week.

MagSanitize Pro™? Keep your hands germ free 24/7. We all know that we must keep our hands fresh and clean in today’s world. This new innovative iPhone accessory swiftly connects to your device using MagSafe technology and dispenses hand sanitizer at a moments notice. It’s gonna take more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away so throw some hands sanitizer on this Apple.