Wonderful Imaginary Insects Inspired by Looney Tunes Characters and Classic Horror Film Monsters

British artist Richard Wilkinson, who previously released very clever imaginary insects inspired by Star Wars characters, has gone on to create an additional series of imaginary insects that were inspired Looney Tunes characters (Insanusmelodiae).

Insanusmelodiae are one of the smallest families of the order Mantodae. Their distinctive characteristics include loud and often odd vocalizations and the very distinctive fast and erratic movements. The combination of these 2 primary behavioural characteristics is what gives them their Latinized name. Their feeding behaviour often involves stalking their prey for long periods of time and setting traps for their prey (although the latter rarely seems to produce results and is perhaps just a vestigial behaviour).


Wilkinson also paid arthropodic homage to classic horror film monsters (Timorpersonae).

Timorpersonae are disparate in outward physical characteristics but share behavioural traits rarely found in other species. …Being a nocturnal family of species, they nest in the darkest available areas. Their nests are often underground or in the abandoned nests of other species and it has been noted that several species in the family Timorpersonae seem to decorate their nests with the empty husks of their prey.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips