Longtime San Francisco Bay Area Street Dancers Demonstrate Early Hip-Hop Dancing

KQED Arts recently brought together veteran street dancers from the San Francisco Bay Area in a very entertaining video feature on the history of Bay Area hip-hop dancing. The video includes demonstrations by Sal “Doc Lock” Barcena of San Francisco dance group The GroovMekanex, and Charles “Chuck” Powell of the Oakland-based Black Messengers dance crew. Both dancers began dancing in the 1970s, and judging by the video, they are still going strong.

History of San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop
Steven Wayne Harris and Charles “Chuck” Powell (left to right) of The Black Messengers

IMGHistory of San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop
“O.G.” Mike Predovic of Boogaloo Conservatory and Sal “Doc Lock” Barcena of the GroovMekanex (left to right)

photos by Marco Villalobos

via Waxy.org

E.D.W. Lynch
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