Cockatoo Cusses While Telling Dog About His Day

A very chatty and slightly foul-mouthed umbrella cockatoo named Buster sat very close to one of the family’s dogs and gave her a rundown of his day. The little Shitzu appeared attentive at first but soon lost interest, especially after the bird’s use of profanity.

Cockatoo talks to dog. She’s a pretty good listener too. Around 13-14 seconds he says this is bullsh!t.

Here’s the translation. As it turns out, Buster was giving the dog some dating advice.

This video was taken not long after Buster came to live with us. I decided to add subtitles and share it. Buster gives great dating advice

Buster was also happy to share his pearls of wisdom with Max the Newfypoo.

In fact, Buster sometimes thinks he’s a dog.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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