Stunning FPV Drone Footage Over the Jagged Black Mountains and Rocky Shores of Lofoten, Norway

FPV drone pilot Benoit “Fincky” Finck traveled from his home in Paris to the gorgeous town of Lofoten in Nordland, Norway where he captured absolutely stunning footage of the archipelago’s jagged black volcanic mountains and striking rocky shores. It wasn’t easy getting these shots, however, as Fincky and crew battled some awful weather after making a long trip to get there.

For the moment the problem is that the weather is bad and just it’s raining a lot but yeah we’ll see if we can make something with it out of it. Anyways we’re gonna shoot something for sure today be it like B-roll, be it like different activities in Norway. We’ll see. Hopefully, I get to fly. …The weather was tough in Norway but the beauty of the place made it all worth it!