An Automated LEGO Present Wrapping Factory

The Brick Wall (previously) previously built an incredibly convenient LEGO wrapping paper machine that accurately measures exactly how much paper to cut by scanning the dimensions of the gift itself. They have since further enhanced this remarkable machine, turning it into a factory with measuring, cutting, taping and wrapping stations that create a perfectly decorated gift, no matter the size (within reason, of course).

The biggest Lego Wrapping Factory built so far by The Brick Wall
Wrapping presents will never be the same! Fascinating project.
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Mega Size:
Length: 72 inch / 183 cm
Height: 20 inch / 51 cm
Depth: 28 inch / 71 cm
I almost ran out of Lego pieces.
Number of Motors: 19
Number of BuWizz: 4
EV3: 1

The Gift Wrapping Factory