A Stop Motion Animation of a Giant Slab of LEGO Manga Meat Cooking Over a Roaring LEGO Campfire

Animator I Like Home created a LEGO stop motion video that shows him barbequing a giant slab of cartoonish bone-in manga meat over a roaring campfire. He first built the LEGO fire in a campsite clearing, set the meat on a wooden turning rack, and let it cook.

Manga Meat Turning LEGO

As the meat was turning, he began preparing his breakfast of eggs, toast bacon, and coffee, all made out of LEGO bricks and other materials. When the meat was done, he took a great big bite.

This time, I made a video of grilling the king barbecue in a camping atmosphere. We were always filming in the same atmosphere, but it turned out to be an interesting filming by changing the overall atmosphere.

LEGO Breakfast