An Unbreakable LED Neon Doughnut Sign

Unbreakable Neon Donut Sign

Russian artisan Arty of Elmarto has created a really yummy looking, multi-colored, glowing doughnut with sprinkles sign that’s made of unbreakable neon style LED tubes. The neon is mounted on a flexible silicone frame, making it able to withstand a bit more than the original version.

The Donut sign is made from sections of multicolored neon united by a common glow. This bright and colorful sign will draw attention and people from the street. It will become a great decor element for cafes, sweetshops, bars, playrooms, etc. It is totally fire-safe and has a low energy demand. Thanks to the silicone frame, it will resist mechanical damage.

This sign and others, including custom work, are available for purchase through the Elmarto Etsy Shop.

Cat and Neon Doughnut
photo by Michael Schillingburg

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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