A Brilliantly Integrated LED Fender Telecaster Guitar Faceplate That Synchronizes With a Band’s Lighting Rig

LED Guitar

Immerge Interactive built an impressively brilliant faceplate for a Fender Telecaster that features integrated reactive LEDs that turn the guitar into a light show. This colorful ax functions on its own and can also synchronize with a band’s light show.

The guitar display is a custom cut faceplate mapped with individually addressable LEDs which turns the whole face of the instrument into a video screen. Integrated with our software that drives the band’s existing light show, the guitar visuals are synced with the entire light rig to provide cohesive looks and stand out solos.

Immerge Interactive made their LED guitar specifically for The Insiders Band, a local Philadelphia duo. The guitar made its debut in 2018.

Paired with the band’s unique musical style, this element of their show leaves the crowd with a unique memory of a stand out performance.


via The Awesomer