Striking Leather Octopus Purse With Eight Curling Arms

Octopus Purse

Lyuba and Max of Krukrustudio, the Russian team behind the adorable R2-D2-style handbag and other amazing animal and sea creature bags, have created a leather version of their wonderful octopus purse.

This updated version is just as adorable as the original, comes in various colors and features grommets attached to the cephalopod’s eight arms to make them curl perfectly. While the bag may not be very practical, it certainly is eye-catching and unique. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the company of an accommodating octopus at all times?

This leather bag is made in the shape of an Octopus. It wasn’t easy to create patterns for this model… but we still wished to have it in our collection. Obviously, this bag is not about convenience or roominess – it’s about an impression you produce when carrying it!

This purse and others are available through the Krukru Studio Etsy shop or their online store.

Octopus Bag Unzipped

Octopus Bag Worn

Octopus Bag Model Worn

Octopus Bag Bottom

Octopus Bag Peach

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