Laughing Squid Slideshow

St. Stupid's Day Parade

I’ve created a special slideshow of 600 photos I have shot at various events over the last 4 years (including many that are up on my Flickr photostream) that I’ll be projecting inside Varnish throughout the night at tomorrow’s anniversary party. The slideshow is setup with the images in a random order and it’s really interesting to see all the various people and events in odd juxtaposition to each other. It’s gives a pretty good feel for what makes up the community that Laughing Squid is involved with.

Regarding the party, people have been asking how they should dress? That’s up to you. The full spectrum of outrageous to the mundane will be will represented. The main thing to keep in mind is that the party is both inside and outside. It may be cold outside, so bring something warm to wear.

photo from St. Stupid’s Day Parade 2004 by Scott Beale