Laughing Squid Partner John Law Featured on the Cover of the East Bay Express

John Law

John Law (his real name), the amazing adventurer, culture jammer, bridge aficionado, neon master, Cacophonist, Burning Man co-founder, Laughing Squid partner and excellent friend was recently featured on the cover of the East Bay Express. In the accompanying article Law talks about his wondrous history in the San Francisco Bay Area at his tiny office at the top of the Oakland Tribune Tower which reflects exactly who he is.

One side of Law’s office is full of books about music, street art, and the like. Much of the room is stuffed with archival material collected for Tales of San Francisco Cacophony Society, a book edited by Law, Kevin Evans, and Carrie Galbraith and published in 2013. The other side of the room is full of books about bridges, a longtime fixation of Law’s, both as surmountable structures and feats of engineering.

Yay John!

John Law

images via East Bay Express