Laughing Squid Expands Its Tentacles to NYC

Empire State Building

Sometime in the Spring of 2010 Laughing Squid will be expanding to the East Coast. My wife Lori Dorn and I have decided to live in New York City for a while, to take on new challenges and adventures. Lori is originally from NYC and I’ve always thought about living there at some point. Of course, the San Francisco Bay Area still remains a big part of Laughing Squid and I plan on traveling back fairly often.

I’m sure some of you have questions, here are a few answers:

  1. How will this affect Laughing Squid Web Hosting?
    Nothing at all will change with our web hosting services. We’ve always been a distributed company and will continue operate as we always have, providing reliable hosting and top notch customer support.

  3. How will this affect The Squid List?
    The Squid List will remain unchanged. Simone Davalos has been maintaining it for a while now and will continue to do so. It’s been in very good hands with her.

  5. How will this affect the blog?
    The Laughing Squid blog will continue on as it always has, the only difference is that you may see a few more posts related to NYC and the East Coast as I explore the other side of the country. Of course our two San Francisco Bay Area editors and guest bloggers there will continue to posting great stuff and I’ll probably add a few more East Coast guest bloggers to the mix over time.

  7. What about the Laughing Squid Events in San Francisco?
    After over decade of organizing large events we had our last one in San Francisco in 2008. We’ve since started doing smaller Drinkups, not just in San Francisco, but around the country. When I visit San Francisco I’m planning on doing periodic gatherings with our guest bloggers.

Overall not much will really change, aside from our physical location. In fact both our customer base and blog readership has been national, even international for a long time now.