Laughing Squid Lucky 13 Wrap-Up

Doggie Diner Dog Heads

Thanks to everyone who came out to Laughing Squid Lucky 13, I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated my birthday and 13 great years of Laughing Squid. Here are some photos by Steve Rhodes

Laughing Squid Lucky 13

Here are a few photos I shot during the setup of the party.

Laughing Squid Lucky 13

Laughing Squid Lucky 13


I also shot a few short videos of Extra Action Marching Band, our surprise special guest that close out the party with a bang.

Here’s’s video of David “Cappy” Capurro doing his “War Pigs” Yo-Yo act..

More Coverage:

Andrei Zmievski

Paula Wirth

Phillip Jeffrey


George Kelly

Shannon Clark

Mike Kuniavsky

Tantek Çelik

Enric Teller

The Civilized Explorer

Ranger Craig Glassner

We would like to thank everyone who help make this event such a great success, including our host and stage manager $teven Ra$pa and assistant stage manager Katy Bell, the folks from Mule Design Studio who brought you Battle Decks, Doctor Popular and Drown Radio with special guest MC Slutsky, the Yo-Yo King David Capurro, Mr. Lucky & The Cocktail Party (featuring Ralph Carney), Mr. Lonesome and The Bluebelles, The Cottontails, Allison Lovejoy, The Church of Frank Sinatra, Stilt Dancers, Super Gigi, Bianca Smut Shack, Chapek the Robot Bartender & R2-D2 courtesy of RoboGames, “Chassis” by Al Honig & Jonathan Foote, SWARM Orbs, “The ChakraTron” by Gaspo, TCHO, Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Long Now Foundation, Noonaco!, Light Painting by Supersnail, John Law & Doggie Diner Dog Heads and our surprise guest The Extra Action Marching Band for the best end to an event that we’ve ever had.

Also a big thanks to our wonderful venue CELLspace with the great support of Dave Sholl, Josh McDermott and their crew. Our amazing door team Lori Dorn, Simone Davalos (who also helped with the front gallery and robot wrangling), Rick Abruzzo, Mutual Aid Response Services (MARS), sound equipment by Justin Katz (Paradox Media), guest bartender Flash, the great posters designed by Adam Koford, John Fischer ( for printing color stickers for the party and our special guests Char Rohrer, Howard Dorn, Chip Beale, Jason Laskodi and David Klass.