Larry David Talks About the Time He Quit His SNL Job and Returned the Next Day Like It Never Happened

Larry David Quits Job and Returns Next Day Story

While appearing on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, the very witty Larry David engaged in an amusing and candid conversation with the host about the time he loudly quit his job as writer at Saturday Night Live on a Friday and then at the urging of his “Kramer” neighbor, went back to work on Monday as if nothing ever happened.

I go home and my neighbor, Kramer, yeah. He says ‘what are you doing? What are you doing at home? How come you’re not at the show?’ I said ‘I lost my temper. They cut my sketch, I quit’ …He said ‘you know you should do? You should go back on Monday morning and pretend the whole thing never happened.’

Of course, David put this scenario into an episode of Seinfeld. Here’s the scene from The Revenge when George pretends that he didn’t quit his job the day before.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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