Larry David Apologizes to Elmo on ‘The Today Show’ After He Put His Hand Over the Muppet’s Face

While making his entrance on The Today Show, the irascible Larry David stopped in his tracks to put his hand over guest Elmo‘s face. Both the Muppet toddler and his father, Louie, were a bit perturbed by what happened, but luckily, hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie would not let the interview proceed until David apologized to Elmo for his actions. It went the way everyone expected.

TODAY: Larry, do you have something you want to say to Elmo? From your heart.
Larry David: From where?
TODAY: From your heart.
Larry David: What organ are you talking about?
TODAY: Your heart. Go ahead. Say you’re sorry.
Larry David: Elmo
Elmo: Larry?
Larry David: I just want to apologize.
Elmo: Thank you, Larry.
Louie: That’s very big of you.
Elmo: Elmo accepts your apology.

Larry David Apologizes to Elmo

The rather magnanimous Elmo was on the show to talk about his viral tweet where he asked “How is everybody doing?”.

Elmo received lots of attention for it.

Larry David was appearing on the show to mark the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

David also spoke with Variety about his favorite episode of the series.

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