A Determined Labrador Retriever Remarkably Fetches Anything That His Human Throws For Him

An adorable black Labrador retriever named Yogi brought a tiny wood chip to his human while she was sitting outside in the backyard in an effort to play a game of fetch. She threw the chip and the very good boy Yogi quite remarkably retrieved it and returned it to her in a matter of seconds.

Yogi is our beloved 2 year old Labrador retriever. He has one true passion in life and that is fetching absolutely everything.

After posting the original video, Yogi’s human received a lot of responses from those who believed that this trick was faked. So she set out to prove that Yogi will truly retrieve anything if he sets his mind (and his nose) to it.

Yogi felt the need to restore his honor as the best fetcher in the west. He forgives the haters for their disbelief & sends slobbery kisses to all.