Kodi the Cat Meows Loudly in an Empty Hallway After Watching His Beloved Human Walk Out the Front Door

Kodi, the beautiful black and white cat who makes up one half of the ShoKo Show, watched with his sister Shorty as their human walked out the door. Shorty, being the catnip addict that she is, found something else to do. But poor Kodi just sat in the hallway, staring at the door meowing loudly and often. He even tried to distract himself for a bit by playing with a toy, but it didn’t help cover the loneliness he felt without his human nearby.

Oh, the emotional life of Kodi. There really is no cat more Kodi-pendent than he. And, oh my heart at 2:55 when he keeps meowing and staring at the door!

After about 4 minutes, Kodi discovered his human laying on the couch in another room and made himself comfortable in his favorite place to be at any time of the day.