Kitten Who Was Found Frozen in the Snow on Thanksgiving Is Now Thriving in His New Home

When vidographer Branden Bingham and his family went outside to enjoy the freshly fallen snow outside their Garden City, Utah home on Thanksgiving morning, they discovered a tiny white kitten who had more than likely spent the entire night outside. The kitten was frozen and lifeless, but the Bingham family took the little one inside, performed CPR and warmed him up. Much to everyone’s great surprise, the kitten came back to life.

My younger brother came over and went to touch it, assuming it would be frozen stiff. But the body was still limp. He picked the kitten up and rushed it inside to be by the fireplace. Miraculously, after hours of warmth and care and a little kitty CPR, the little guy came back to life!

After a few trips to the vet, the kitten, now named Lazarus, found a loving home, first with Bingham’s cousin where he was “living fat and happy” and then finally back with the Binghams, who plan to keep him forever.

We are thrilled to share with you all that he has a been living fat and happy at my cousin’s home in northern Utah. But we are even more stoked about a special update on his new home!

Lucky little Lazarus.

The original footage of the rescue.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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