An Ingenious Kinetic Chess Set Based on the Folding Principles of Origami for Easy Portability

Brian Ignaut, a talented engineer who previously designed unfolding solar arrays for SpaceX, has designed an absolutely ingenious kinetic chess set that is based upon a specific origami folding pattern that allows for easy transport and portability. The walnut chessboard folds out flat to reveal magnetic playing pieces, which easily store for future games.

This four-panel design is made from solid walnut and stainless steel and has trays for the opposing sides’ magnetic pieces, which stow between the two halves of the playing surface when stored. During deployment, these trays expand to sit beside the playing surface for setup and stow below the playing surface while in use…Though it might not appear that way, the design is based on a square twist origami fold pattern.

Ignaut plans on selling these chess sets in the near future through his company Degrees of Freedom.

via Homecrux

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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