Kayaker in Thailand Attracts a Boatload of Monkeys With a Bag of Fruit

While floating through a mangrove forest in Ko Lonta, Thailand, kayaker smann251 decided to challenge the rumor that monkeys hate water and tossed pieces of pineapple into the water. The rumor was completely dispelled when a boatload of monkeys jumped into the water and onto his kayak in a frantic scramble to get at the floating fruit.

As I was kayaking through the mangrove forest in Kho Lonta Thailand, I noticed a monkey chillen at the base of one of the trees. I decided to test out the “monkeys hate water” theory so I threw a piece of pineapple into the water. To my surprise, the monkey immediately jumped in and grabbed it. As I got closer to the mangroves, I noticed a lot of movement in the trees. I wanted to see some more flying monkeys so I decided to take out some more fruit. As I grabbed the bag of fruit, two monkeys jumped on top of me and I chucked the bag. The next thing you know, I have the whole monkey clan aboard my boat.