Bioluminescence Expert Attracts Jumbo Squid With a Lighted Device That Appeals to Their Empathy

Jumbo Humboldt Squid

BBC Earth Unplugged spoke with Edith Widder, a bioluminescence expert who works with marine organizations to learn more about deep sea life on the ocean floor. Widder openly shared her love for this work, her concerns about the environment and how a ride in a submersible ROV completely changed her life. Widder also shared her success with a lighted device she created called the E-Jelly. This device is designed to attract jumbo (Humboldt) squid by mimicking a bioluminescent jellyfish in distress. This call appeals to the squid’s empathetic nature, which causes them to respond to calls for help by other bioluminescent sea creatures.

Profile on Edith Widder, bioluminescence expert that took enormous steps in understanding animals behaviour in the deep sea.