Outtakes of Joaquin Phoenix Being Introduced As ‘Joker’ on ‘The Murray Franklin Show’

The Blu-ray release for the smash 2019 film Joker, features director Todd Phillips talking about Joaquin Phoenix and his incredible ability to envelope the character and take chances throughout. To elaborate, Phillips shared several outtakes of Phoenix trying out different styles for the title character’s introduction on “The Murray Franklin Show”.

What I like about Joaquin is his style and his unpredictability, whichI  had felt fits into this character. And he was just never locked into one thing. I think he is the most talked-about nimble nimble actor I’ve ever worked with. Certainly he just doesn’t get stuck in anything.

Here’s the final cut from the film.

Here’s more of the Phillips interview.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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