How a Sunny Swiss Day Helped Jeff Lynne Write the Iconic Electric Light Orchestra Song ‘Mr. Blue Sky’

Music essayist Noah Lefevre of Polyphonic takes a detailed look into the iconic Electric Light Orchestra song “Mr. Blue Sky”, particularly how it is used to counteract the solemn intensity of the rest of the songs on the album Out of the Blue. The inspiration for the entire album, according to LeFevre, came from Jeff Lynne‘s experience during a rainy couple of weeks in Switzerland.

In the spring of 1977, singer Jeff Lynne was staying at a remote chalet in the Swiss Alps. He had just wrapped up touring with Electric Light Orchestra in support of their sixth studio album ‘A New World Record’. He’d already had his eyes on the follow-up, but couldn’t find his creativity. The skies were gray and rainy and Lynne felt completely stifled. Then after two weeks of poor weather, Lynne awoke to a bright sun cresting over the mountains backed by a blue sky. He was struck with inspiration by the beauty of the moment and set out to capture it in song.